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Spoilt ?

I have always enjoyed hand sewing. Recently I have been doing a lot of machine sewing and enjoyed it. Hand sewing has sort of sat on the back burner. Today I am finishing off bibs for a new grandchild and it involves a bit of hand sewing. Sigh I am over it and I have... Continue Reading →

Dear Hubby,

I have moved the football that was under the is now on the left side blocking the gap behind the cupboard of the desk... the reason is quite simple... (please be aware I have refrained from using language that is only fit for truck stops and pubs) its difficult to get a roll of... Continue Reading →


333 project, ten items or less, minimalism??? I have reduced my wardrobe to a usable amount of clothes for me. My journey began when we were moving house a few years ago. I had large packing boxes filled with clothes I didnt wear. I didnt have time during the move to sort and organise so... Continue Reading →


I have been so busy lately I have not been able to update... between sewing, craft, cooking and socialising I just havent been on the net for two weeks.. This blog will be all over the place so please forgive me... Isnt it funny when you get busy and lose track of time... sewing items... Continue Reading →

Cooking for the week

Preparing for the week ahead is my goal today... no I have no great plans for the week I am just doing the norm for now. Last week I made a batch of cheese and vegemite scrolls and have had them for breakfast every morning. I made them to begin with to connect with a... Continue Reading →

All traveled out

Can a person be 'all traveled out'?? Well I think I have been. This year we have moved house which is a big thing in itself, learned to live in a completely different area to where we were before, so we feel like we have traveled to a new land. It sounds crazy but you... Continue Reading →


Well I have had fun this week. Hubby and I are celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary today. He is at work and I am doing housework and sewing lol. On Saturday we walked to the local shopping centre...well the bigger one up the hill rather than the smaller on across the road. We had ice... Continue Reading →

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