First blog post

look at the picture

Can you just imagine sitting there enjoying a coffee with friends?

Its a pleasant thought isnt it but what if you were friendless how would that scene look to you now? Pretty lonely right?

Perception thats all it is.

I live in a high density suburb with lots of traffic going past the building, lots of kids yelling and construction work all around us but I find this place the most peaceful home I have had for a long time.

There are no crazies living up the street who need to have the police called on them every other day… not by me but by their immediate neighbours. The cockatoos arent waking me up at the first signs of light…boy are they noisy and destructive, beautiful but noisy. Emergency vehicles arent passing us daily and usually multiple times a day as they were in our last home. The owner of the house isnt phoning me every other day to see if he can arrange to fix this or that. I havent the pressure of having to keep the house spotless (this one is easier to clean and nearly new so I can have a day of bludging if I choose).

This place is one third the size of the last place but we fit nicely in it. The rent is lower. Its also cheaper and easier to heat and cool as well so a lot of financial pressure has gone.

This place is probably classed as a tiny home or near enough to …50 sqm which includes the balcony. We are learning about minimalism in one crash course, but it is still a great place to live.

Life and what you make it is based on your perception of things that are around you and things that happen to you. I thought I might share what I see and how I feel. Hope you enjoy my blogs.




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