Doing another persons job for them

How many times have you spent hours on the phone getting a company to fix a bill they have sent you? You are doing someone elses job for them. They failed to do their job correctly and you are now doing it for them and paying for the privilege. (cost of phone call and time out of your day added to the unnecessary stress this entails)

We all do it every day sometimes and yet these people continue to get paid. How I would love the money for all of the time I have spent fixing a mistake someone else has made on one of my accounts. The problem is there is very little we can do. We can continue to fight and monitor our accounts but in reality there is nothing we can do to stop their mistakes.

I have bought in the ombudsman, I have yelled and screamed and I have even gone to the local member for help when it is a larger issue, but it has not fixed the real issue … ie is how come these people still get paid?

What I can advise is always keep a copy of a bill, a telephone conversation with the organisation (keep the persons name, time and what was said) and keep it altogether for future reference if needed. Never ever trust them to do the right thing because they dont care because it isnt about them. They are more interested in their coffee breaks, smokos and gossiping with their workmates… trust me I have worked in one of these places lol and not for long because I was too disgusted in the lack of work ethic and left.

1. keep a record

2. monitor the bills/situation

3. keep your paperwork together for later reference

4. stick to your guns if you know you are right..use the ombudsman/local member if you have to

5. remember if you have picked up their error you are pretty damn clever and should not take being talked down to… you are often better at their job than they are.



We rent out the home we are buying until we can retire into it. Recently the agent we are with wanted to raise our annual fees and add multiple more fees adding up to about $200 per year, regardless of having a contract with us… after failing to be able to discuss this with them and them actually blocking our emails so we could not notify them of our intention of moving to another agent, we have finally started the ball rolling…

It is so easy for a business to add a fee here and add a fee there and for us to over look it even when a contract is involved. It adds up very quickly. Remember you are not responsible for financing their business so they can keep their heads above water, you are running your own business “Home” and it is your responsibility to keep your own heads above water… keep monitoring your business accounts and don’t GIVE your valuable money away without a fight.

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