Pampered Pooches

In our media lately

“Parents have to give their kids a deposit for a home.”

“Parents have to give up the home they have paid for and are enjoying living in and downsize because a young couple would like it…”

Yep sorry no I don’t agree.. If a parent has the money and wants to help out their kids then go for it knock yourself out, but don’t try to make other parents with different view feel ashamed for not doing as you are. They are not doing the wrong thing; they simply have a different perspective on life.

If you wish to downsize and sell your larger home then also go ahead. Those who don’t and wish to see out their lives in their big home should be left to do so without pressure being put on them.

What is it with this country at the moment? All everyone seems to be doing is expecting the older generations to give up everything for the younger generations…Is this Australias way of saying we don’t believe the younger generations actually have it within them to stand up and do it themselves? If I was young I would be slightly miffed at the insult.

I think it’s time the younger generation stood up and said to these helicopter parents that they are no longer in need of Mummy and Daddy to wipe their pampered backsides… Mummy and Daddy need to let their pampered kids/pooches do what they want now and maybe Mummy and Daddy might find junior would prefer to live the life of a surfing bum rather than be forced into buying a home because Mummy and Daddy thinks it’s time they did….

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