Funny what you notice

I bent into the freezer to grab a loaf of bread and noticed how many bread bags I had in there. Every day I do things and don’t really look at what I am doing, its habit. My freezer is full of bread bags. They are everywhere lol.

Now what do you do with your bread bags? Do you get your bread at the supermarket like me? I use to make my own bread until my machine broke. I have arthritis so pounding dough isn’t happening for me so I have to have a machine to pound the dough for me. After the machine broke I could see I  was not going to be able to get a new one. Yes we could afford one but I couldn’t justify the expense when a loaf of bread in the supermarket was so cheap.

With two of us eating bread the bags were piling up. I hate waste so have tried to find ways to use them rather than throw them away. One woman suggested putting them in the waste bins but my bins were just too wide for this and I wasn’t going to buy bins to fit them. I tried making jewellery out of them….yes you can but to make this a viable use of the bags I had to buy a toasting machine and unless it is a cheap second hand one I wont be getting one soon…in the future maybe. Then I used them to bag everything I froze. People scream “freezer burn” yes possibly but my food isn’t in there long enough to burn lol. If you are concerned about freezer burn then double bag them, believe me you will have enough bags to do this.

I freeze meals in containers and then when frozen take them out of the containers and bag them… the containers can then be used again and I can put more in the freezer when I have fewer containers in there… I bag everything.

I also bag smelly stuff before it hits my kitchen bin, for obvious reasons.

Bread bags are great to carry an umbrella in after using it on a wet day…saves the constant dripping from your handbag after you stash it there… you can be discreet if you are embarrassed about having a bread bag in your handbag no one need see it but you.

When travelling they are great for stashing a pair of shoes into to stop your clothes wearing residual dirt.

Bread bags are just handy little plastic bags that have advertising on them…use them.

Its funny what you notice when you really look into someones house, even your own.


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