Way too much

Over the years I have gathered a lot of jewelry together, rarely wearing it because it simply got in the way when dealing with kids or when I was at work. When we moved I threw everything into one box and just packed it away again. Today I went through it…ouch..

Yesterday I went to a school fete and got some lovely earrings that I want to wear. I wear my earrings just not bracelets and necklaces etc. Today when I pulled out that box I’d packed at my last house I was horrified at how much I own. I have enough earrings to be able to wear a different pair every day for over a month, same with bracelets and broaches and as for necklaces, oh dear I have enough to wear for at least six months… yes maybe a slight exaggeration but you get the idea.

How did this come about? I have stuff from when I was two years of age and have held onto pieces since then. Gifts and special items I have purchased over the years make up the bulk of my items. I did get rid of a huge bag of costume jewelry  during the move… some to grandkids to play with and the more expensive pieces to a daughter to wear.

I must sound as if I have more money than sense and yes in my youth this was probably the case but think on fifty odd years of gifts being given to you and this alone will give you an idea of what I have… ouch.

As I said I will begin to wear everything I have now, its about time. I will not buy any more because I do not need anything else. Hubby has been told not to buy me any and after seeing what I have has realised I am correct…he is a dear and would buy me what I want if I wanted it… I will now spread the word to family and friends as well.

Any other items and I would recommend getting rid of some but its jewelry and can be handed down to the kids when I die and it doesnt take up more than a shoe box sized space in our tiny home..albeit a very full shoe box.

Today I have a nice pair of earrings on that I purchased about ten years ago and have only worn a couple of times..I love them… wonder what I will wear tomorrow..

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