Wardrobe season change

Its heading for winter, slowly but its on the way. the nights are a little cooler and the days allow me to wear more than a pair of shorts and a singlet top.

In spring and autumn I do a switch in the wardrobe of my seasons clothes. There are two reasons I do this.

  1. my wardrobe space is small so unless I separate the seasons everything is jammed in and its difficult to see what I actually have to wear.
  2. I like to go through my clothes and discard the old and mangy and not what I might need to replace the next year.

I have a set of draws in my wardrobe that I put the items I use all year round… undies, singlet tops, socks and pj’s. The shelf above the draws takes my coats in the summer time and my winter thick items (tracksuit etc)..my jumpers trousers go into two shelves I have pinched from Hubby. In the winter time the shelf above takes my tracksuits and I hang my coats, winter shirts and trousers up.

Today I replaced the summer things with the trousers, shirts and long sleeved t shirts. No I do not wear skits or dresses in winter, mainly because I don’t fancy the idea of the winds picking my skirts up over my head and me being charged for scaring the neighbours. The jumpers stayed in Hubby’s wardrobe. So funny to see that all of my summer things fit into a back pack. I have managed to live with a minimum amount of clothes and yet have many different outfits. Mix and match is a great thing.


  • three pair of shorts
  • two dresses
  • six loose tops to go over singlet tops
  • three t shirts



  • too many jeans
  • too many jumpers
  • four coats (fleecy duffle, rain, denim, leather)
  • too many scarves
  • too many beanies and hats
  • too many long sleeved t shirts
  • two pair of gloves

The reason I have more winter than summer is probably quite obvious… its wetter in winter and more difficult to dry things.. also last year I purchased a few items to replace the old things that will need hoisting after this winter.. best to grab them when they are at a great price and you know what you have will not last more than one more season..I hate paying full price for something…. eg last year 3 pair of jeans for $3 each. I would have been stupid to pass by that bargain when the jeans I had were starting to look tatty and had done their duty to me for the last ten years or so… My long sleeved t’s will do this year but after that they are gone. I saw some on special for $2 each last year and grabbed some so I have more than I would normally own at the moment.

I use to own so many clothes. Way too many clothes. Gradually I cut down until I had a nice amount to live with, and maintain. I mix and match so I do not have to wear the same outfit two times in a month. Its easy to do really once you start.

Project 333 is a great place to start if you are interested at all. There are many YouTube videos as well.

My husband has more clothes than I do lol. We often laugh when packing our suitcases when going on holidays… Me: a back pack, Hubby: a suitcase lol.

Last year I finally purchased new shoes. Mine are on the way out and will need hoisting soon. I purchased two pair of summer shoes and one pair of winter boots. The boots are last seasons fashions but I don’t care they fit, are comfortable and will keep me warm and dry and truly, who is going to look at an old woman for fashion tips.

This method also costs me less as I am not forever in the stores buying the latest fashions… classic styles and mix and match outfits. You cant go cheaper than that.

Do you have a lot of clothes or only a few?



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