Gym fees or no gym fees

I went for a walk today; I needed to take some clothing items to the charity store to donate them. Its 5 km to the charity store, its uphill and I had to carry the bags. This is quite a feat for a very unfit older woman who would qualify for the ‘laziest person of the year’ award. I could have jumped on the bus there and back, had a leisurely stroll two blocks, delivered the items and caught the bus back home again. I didn’t do this of course, I walked.

I split the items into two bags, swung my handbag onto my back. Put one clothes filled bag on each shoulder, donned the sun hat and glasses and left my home filled with confidence. I had done this walk before without baggage, so knew I could do it, but I hadn’t factored in the fact I had done my previous walk early in the cool of the morning and now it was warmish.

All was good I got into town, walked strongly past the new gym offering discounted fees and delivered my goods. I then turned around and headed home. It was on the downhill run… oh I  mention the first half of the trip is all uphill right, all 2 ½ km of it…. Any way on the downhill run, with home in sight I realised I was burning. My skin was starting to stiffen up and the back of my neck told me I would feel it tomorrow… Upon arrival at home I could see my flaming red cheeks and nose…yes they have gotten worse as the hours pass…

Despite my burn I think I have done well today…10 km with half of it up hill…who needs a gym. I try to walk as much as I can and if I can’t leave the house I do whatever I can to keep moving, this is saying a lot when our unit is the size of a double garage. I have seen some gyms and they are not much different in size to my unit so I figure if they can do it so can I.

I go low tec of course and don’t have all of their great big machines. I do my best to exercise throughout the day. If the kettle is boiling I will do squats or run on the spot or stretch as far up the cupboard doors as I can …repetition being the key. I have dumbbells I frequently use for curls etc…. but I try to use what I have here. Incorporate whatever you have into your routine. If you have steps then step up and down them a few times every time you go near them…

Your only problem with stopping to do a repetitive exercise every time you pass the steps or boil the kettle is if someone sees you, they may think you are a bit like Sheldon on ‘Big Bang Theory’ “knock, knock,knock Penny”.  Instead you will be doing “squat, squat, squat exercise” OK it really wasn’t funny but you have to give me credit for trying.

Believe it or not my ‘home gym’ with no fees attached has been working very well. I am down one size in trousers. A short while ago I would not have had a hope getting into my old jeans, in fact I was struggling to get into my fat jeans. Today I wore the smaller size on my walk. I was not uncomfortable at all so I would say that is a win.

Why waste money on a gym fee, drive to the gym to walk on a machine when you could walk to the gym, laugh at those wasting money and walk home again getting the same amount of exercise they got but you not only didn’t pay fees you didn’t pay for the petrol or the parking fee.

Gym fees??? Not a hope…

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