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do not read if you do not want to know what I think about one of today’s political issues……. we may disagree

The world today is discussing the attack on Syria by America. Many are all for it and many are against it.

I could say I believe the strike was necessary but I have my doubts. Anger and revenge is not going to solve the hate ridden war that is destroying the Middle East and killing so many.

I can only imagine what mothers were feeling when it looked like WW2 was imminent. The fear of sending their sons off to war knowing there was a good chance they would never see them again and knowing if they did their children they would not be the same again. Too many generations have said goodbye to their children because someone has declared war.

There are arguments, valid arguments from all sides I am sure, like ‘they did this and they did that and they are this and they are that’ but I see no comments about ‘we’ did this and ‘we’ did that and ‘we’ are this and ‘we’ are that. Honesty from all sides seems to be lacking as far as I am concerned… Until both sides or in the case of the Middle East the many sides, agree they are all to blame to some degree and try to work out what is good for the people not what political gain or economic gain they will get by taking over another country, will anything be done to help those in need.

We teach our children to cooperate, communicate, to work out acceptable solutions to conflict and then politicians drop bombs and kill people and show our children that killing is the solution to disputes. No wonder there is so much violence in our societies today.

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