countdown to retirement

We are preparing for retirement, our life isnt on hold but we are thinking ahead. We wont be rich but we want a home to call our own so we dont have to spend the rest of our lives paying rent, having house inspections, being vulnerable to real estate agents and house owners whims. Most of all I just want somewhere I can put a nail in the wall and hang a picture whenever I want… so many years of not being able to hang a picture if I want has taken its toll.

Such small things wear on a person after years of renting. As I said being able to hang a picture if I want…here we have no place to hang any picture. Every picture we own is in the garage awaiting our move. Ever just wanted to take a door off because it doesnt work int he home you are in, or grind down a sharp tile edge because it is dangerous instead of putting tape over it to protect yourself, or maybe put in a back splash or paint a wall… its the small things that make you want to own a home of your own.

Without my gorgeous husband owning a home would not be part of my life, I missed the boat of being a single homeowner, too old. We have purchased cheaply and have purchased a small home that will suit elderly people. It will need painting and wall hooks and the tiling will need to be done and I cant wait.

I have it all planned out in my head and know it will probably all change a hundred times before we move in but when we do I dont have to ask anyone ‘can I put up a hook for a painting’

Ten years to go. Count down is on.

Step one: reduce our belongings down to an amount that will fit into the small unit.

We are in the process of doing this. We have moved into a unit that is smaller by 1/3 to the property we own. (we live and work in one city and will retire elsewhere). I calculate that in two years we will not have any excess items and will have finished step one.

Step two: pay off the mortgage

This is a six to eight year process for us. So far things are going as planned except a slight glitch when the roof needed replacing oops… but we will make up this shortfall with extra hard work on my part to budget… Hubby does the work and brings in the income so it is my job to make sure we do not waste his efforts.

Step three: retire….

If I can get Hubby to retire this will happen. If he wishes to work longer because he is enjoying it then who am I to object.


What sort of plans do you have to retire??

I will try to share each step we make towards retirement as I go, most of it will be simply in the savings section because our savings go towards our mortgage or step two…


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