sweat the small stuff

Today we found broccoli on special it is half the price of what we normally pay for frozen per kilo.

I got 1 1/2 kilo  and have blanched and frozen it for later date use. Tomorrow I will go to get more to blanch and freeze too…

You ask why didn’t you get more today. Well its Sunday, I was shopping with Hubby and not really thinking … its the only excuse I have “weekend funk”.

Having calculated the savings I now realise what I did…duh.

Fortunately the Woolworth’s store is only across the road so I can easily get it tomorrow morning and have it purchased, blanched and frozen by 9.30 in the morning. Its not a great savings but over time added to all the other small savings I make (and I call it a savings this time because the money I do not spend on greens in the coming months will be in my bank account for my mortgage).

sweat the small stuff, regardless of what others tell you

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