Saving on medical

Today I cut our medical cover back. We had all these extras that we were not using and were not going to use. I am not going to need anything to do with pregnancy at this stage of life…just little extras like this lol. We can go back and add extras to our policy when ever we need to, that’s not an issue but at the moment we have cut it back. I also think if I get pregnant at this stage of life I would be able to earn some money for the novelty factor..

Today I saved us $60 per four weeks, well the kind girl behind the counter juggling the figures saved us $60.

It isn’t a lot but over time it will add up and it will be added to the $200 per four weeks for rent, we started saving by downsizing into a unit.

Every penny counts.

Checking how much you pay regularly and adjusting your accounts eg medical funds, phone services etc can save you enough to add to the mortgage and it can make all the difference on whether you sink or swim….

Did you know some medical funds in Australia have a partnership with Super funds and this allows you to get a discount on your fees… it pays to ask if they can lower your fees somehow. they might say no but then again they might say yes too….

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