Addicted to the internet

Hell yes!!

The topic for discussion on the morning TV show was Addicted to phones internet etc etc…

Now I would like to ask one question here please…. if we have to do all our banking, bill paying, setting up of phone and internet services, change addresses, shopping, educational research, study online and even voting and census on the internet why are you surprised we are addicted to it and why call it an addiction when it is forced on us by the Government and most retail organisations now…

Am I addicted, yes and no. I do everything on the net I have to admit but some things I would prefer face to face like discussing internet services with a company instead of fighting for service over the net.. I use my smart phone all the time, not to Facebook or chat or twitter but as a tool to get done what I need done. I use my computer for the business and for entertainment.

Phone:  I use the calendar to remind me to do things, I dont have to carry a diary as its on the phone. I do not do banking with it as I was advised not to. I receive emails for business and am able to be contacted by email, phone or text anywhere I go. This is convenience. If you see me on the phone its checking the emails or texts or bus time tables or addresses of places I want to go..its a tool. I have an iPod for my entertainment eg music and audio books and when I am out and about that iPod is glued to my ears…who wants to listen to teens discussing their sex life on the bus when you can listen to a book or good music instead… I might be old but I am not dead and I appreciate good music.

Computer:  I use it all day long. I run my business, shop for groceries, shop for other items I might need, shop for gifts…basically shop although I still shop locally if I can. (wow that sounds like I shop a lot lol no I shop once every two months for food and only occasionally for gifts) I communicate with people, blog and entertain myself with it… why not its cheap and efficient.

I could sit in front of the TV all day but I dont I can take the lap top into the room I am ironing in and entertain myself while doing a boring job. I research cheaper and easier ways of doing things. I get recipes and store them on the computer thereby saving myself the space in the cupboard I would take up with a book.

I have a laptop, a phone and an old 6-7 year old, iPod that are well used and wanted. In the old days people carried diaries and used typewriters and had copious files of recipes, bills etc.  The Government has designed it so our lives revolve around the internet (try doing something in person nowadays or getting a letter sent to you without paying for that to be sent) so dont start whinging when we use it… geez

Hell yes I am addicted to technology and using it everywhere.

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