sweat the small stuff

I hate spending money. I hate having bills. I prefer to spend my money paying the money I owe than buying new things I really don’t need. If I am debt free except for the mortgage then I feel secure, and security is everything.

I have a pair of socks with a hole, well I did. Today I darned it. I don’t own a darning mushroom and it is always easier to do if you have one of those. Hubby has roll on deodorant so I used an empty bottle (you could use a full one the sock wont mind) and I darned the sock.

The colour doesn’t match, who cares the inside of my shoe isn’t going to complain. If anyone sees it I will proudly say, “yes I darned it, I did a great job didn’t I? Do you darn your socks? No really that’s sad.”

The rest of the sock was perfect, well maybe a bit greyer than white but they keep my feet warm and protected and this is all I need. I could not see the point in going to the store to buy a packet of socks when these ones were perfectly fine once darned…

my money is safe in my savings account, my feet are safely in the socks and all is good with the world…

sweat the small stuff guys because those pennies soon add up

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