Easter cheaply

We have 8 grandchildren to give Easter chocolate to each year…yes I know we dont have to but as they believe that Easter bunny and their Grandpa are good friends it would be difficult to get them to understand why there are no chocolates for them… you cant have adoration of a grandparent without paying the price.

I have bagged up cheap chocolates in a brown paper bag with pictures coloured in on them by yours truly… a production line of colouring in and each child has a personal gift from Easter Bunny… It seems Easter Bunny came to have coffee with Grandpa last night and left these for us to hand deliver when we visit the Grand-kids.

Bags $2 for 18

Chocolates $11 for 30 eggs…the six remaining are for Hubby and me… and 8 choc chickens

This year $13 and Hubby and I get a treat each as well. 10 people for chocolates at $1.30 each…


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