Cooking to save

We have a small grocery budget so I have to stretch it as far as it will go before it snaps and breaks or rebounds and slaps me in the face…

Today I put a piece of chicken I had put in the freezer for another day and a few slices of pork into the slow cooker… in went some homemade yoghurt, herbs, curry, a small amount of coconut cream powder that has been sitting around in the back of the cupboard for months, a couple of carrots, a couple of potatoes and some water.

I now have a nice curry that should stretch with rice and some greens to make a few meals. I am going to freeze prepared meals (rice and curry) in containers in the freezer for those emergency days.

I cooked a hunk of pork we had in the freezer. We had one meal last night and now have 8 meals put away for another day as well as the bone to make stock with … The bone was put with the chicken bones left from a chicken I cooked and shredded for sandwich meat for Hubbys work lunch… $6 per fortnight for sandwich meat…well actually it will probably go further than two weeks. The legs and wings were frozen for us for another meal for another day.

I buy chicken and shred the meat for Hubby as it is cheaper per kilo than sandwich meat. It lasts as long and I get to keep the legs and wings and bones for other meals… win win.

With this is the mince I have made into savory balls that I can turn into sausage rolls or burgers or rissoles or sausage on a stick (as we call  it…with a spicy marinade). I have sausage rolls cooked and frozen and Tuscan meatballs already frozen for a later date too. Also we have the usual sausages ready to cook and I have sliced roast lamb and some frozen chillis and stews from cheap cuts or left overs from past months of meals…

Most meals go with rice or pasta and veg so is able to be stretched again if necessary.

Stretch it until is screams for mercy guys…

Two people in this home and it costs me less than $50 per week… I also get gifts and items to make gifts from (wool, paints etc) this money.

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