My rant about politics


Do not read if you don’t want to see what I think….

With so much going on in the world at the moment we hear so much but who do we believe? Only today yet another ‘correction’ on something said that sent the world into a spin and it is now said to have been a ‘miscommunication’… yes but why are there so many miscommunications from those who are meant to be in charge, the ones we voted in to run our countries.

I am tired of the hype around a subject that frightens us and scares us and infects our lives, the media, our families with fear and then out comes a statement that says it’s a ‘mistake’….

MISTAKE !!!!!!!! for Gods sake think you morons. You are already in power you don’t need to impress the voters with lies any more…

If we carried on in our lives the way politicians nowadays we would be deemed liars and we would not have anyone who trusted us and yet pollies can get away with scaring the population with their stupidities…

What if I were to lie to a police officer or on my tax return or in a court of law? Would I be able to come back and say “oh I’m sorry it was all a miscommunication’ and expect to get away with it. If I lied to my boss I wouldn’t be working for very long. I draw the line at lying about things that cause fear that allows a politician to gather followers who believe the pollie will save them from all evils.. cults and cult leaders are not my favourite thing in life and it seems we have a few potential cult leaders in this world today, who are allowed to lie to their people on a daily basis.

Accountability!!!!!!!! Not cult leadership and lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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