saved a bit today

Today I started my day with a quick 5 km walk around the suburb. I usually do 10 km or more but my knee is telling me to rest. I am guessing that my knee is protesting the exercise regime it is not use to… it better get use to it and start towing the line.

After returning and a cuppa I settled down to replace a zip in Hubby’s work trousers… I am always daunted when faced with a repair to work clothes because if I cant do it neatly it means buying a replacement item. I was fortunate that our move prevented me from tackling this project for a while…any excuse of course is good enough for me. this morning I used the exercise excuse to avoid working on the zip for just that bit longer.

Once I got under way it only took a few minutes really to unpick the old zip and replace it with a new on…well one I had salvaged from an old piece of clothing I had thrown out in the past.

I am relatively new to this sort of thing so as I said I am cautious  at the beginning  of a project…fear of failure I guess.

When I met Hubby he use to take his trousers to be hemmed professionally…$30 a go. I do them now of course. I always enjoy knowing I earned us $30 every time I hem his trousers. Not sure how much replacing a zipper costs but I will pretend it is $30 as well. Today I earned $30 and saved it in our account.

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