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today I signed up to my local gym…. and it cost me nothing

We went for a walk and not five minutes away is a great little gym. Yes it is a free one in the park but it is a gym I intend to take full advantage of. It costs me nothing but my time to use it.

I have no idea what gym fees cost nowadays but I bet it would be nearly $1000 for a year. This costs me nothing. I warm up by walking there and cool down by walking home again.  It has a few different machines I can use to get a reasonable work out.

These parks the Government put all this equipment into are great. I applaud our local government for their generosity.

Do you use the gym, how much do you pay each year that you really neednt pay.

I have written about this earlier and talked about walking, running, doing exercise at home and now I add the outdoor gyms as well to save you money. I thought I might be embarrassed doing the workout outside but most gyms nowadays have full glass walls so the world can see you swishing your copious rolls of fat around while using their machines so privacy isnt something I can expect anywhere in my hunt for fitness.. so why not just use the free equipment?

I had a go on the machines while we were there and Hubby showed me up by being fitter, sigh lol it had to happen but then again the little kids playing there were doing an excellent job showing me up too … No pain no gain right…it doesnt specify if its pain of embarrassment or pain of muscles either…

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