Twiddle Muff

I go to the CWA meetings locally…well it was local until we moved and now its three bus rides away, but I still go.

I made this Twiddle Muff for them. They are donated for dementia sufferers to use…

I can not afford to give heaps of money but I can give this  way. Hopefully someone will benefit from it….

My aim was a muff for a man…  a male dementia suffer should not suffer the indignity of using a pink and purple fluff muff if he doesn’t want to. I kept the pinks and purples for inside the muff.


The outside of the muff has buttons that rattle and have texture. circles that can be moved along a string. A chain that is secured with a shoe lace that can be undone at will. The crocheted spheres with holes int he top are for putting fingers in or out of … 20170422_161224


Inside the muff is one colour opposed to the many colours on the outside. I have put in beads to fiddle with and a piece of rope to play with also some fluffy strands of crochet. The pocket is purple… hang head in shame but it is inside and I got carried away… The buttons rattle.




I am pretty certain someone will add more to my first attempt at a twiddle muff to make it more interesting and exciting but here it is my first attempt.

I think time I will just stick to beanies for cancer sufferers…

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