Yesterday, today, tomorrow

Yesterday was ANZAC day, the day we remember all those who fought in past and current wars. We hope those in power have learned from the past mistakes others have made and that we never have to be involved in a World War again.

Tomorrow is my babies birthday… he is a grown man now like the children in my family. I can only hope he will be able to live a full life without having to face a World War.

Today our politicians are indicating the next war is almost a certainty and it is something we have to accept.

How many people am I able to hate in one second…I cant tell you but it includes every person involved in bringing a war closer to us and who are too stupid to fix the problem without threats, chest beatings and future deaths of loved ones.

I can only hope and pray that things settle down and we can watch our children and grandchildren grow up and grow old as we have. (I am not religious but I am doing a fair bit of praying to what ever God or spirit chooses to listen to my pleas)

Just my fears of the day

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