Time to ‘suck it up Princess’

I have read an article that was interesting but when I found it on social media and so many people were whinging I was embarrassed for them.

Its about HECS debts and repayments… well we had HECS debt. We paid it off. We did it on one income. We had a lower income than what is being given as the income limit before payments are to be made. We were paying 50% of our income as rent at the time.

After paying our debt we saved for the deposit, got married (which of course cost for the reception… we were frugal) and helped out family financially. Yes its a struggle but its doable if you don’t expect to go on holidays (although we did interstate to a wedding and to meet new in-laws).

I watched a story this morning on TV about a 22 year old who owns two homes, rents out one and is doing it on her own …her parents went guarantors on her loan but it is down to her to pay it all. I see the difference between this young lady and the whingers.

I see the difference between those young people I know who just get on with it and these who are whinging. I have to say I am not only shocked at the whinging but horrified they can justify it…

I know so many young people who do not act like this, they just quietly get o with life and win. Maybe they should become as vocal as the whingers.

Nothing is free even if you want it to be and with becoming an adult comes the responsibility of acting like on and paying for yourself and not wanting others to pay for you…

the story I read

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