I don’t buy

There are a lot of things I don’t buy.

I will give you one example … garbage bags or plastic bags.

I recycle bread bags or plastic bags we bring fruit and veg home in. These are used for a variety of things eg freezing things in or if I have a particularly smelly item I need to bin then it goes into a bread bag and is tied off.. Bread bags can be used for almost anything. I have seen YouTube videos on how they are used to make jewellery, mats grocery bags. One lady uses them as bin liners but my bins are too big for that.  You can use them for anything you want…such a versatile item they just come with a brand name on it but its not “Jag, Chanel or Armani” they are Tip Top or Aldis or Woolies or Coles instead.

I reuse the plastic bags that the groceries are delivered in as bin liners in the kitchen. Remember at the store you are charged 5 or 10 cents per bag so make sure you get value for money when you have one. I don’t pay for them when I get groceries delivered (I am sure the cost is absorbed by the prices I pay for the groceries) but I get value for money.

I use the bag wrap that comes around the toilet paper as the bathroom bin liner. It is the perfect size. I cut the top out of the wrapper, remove the rolls and then use the bag that is created as a bin liner… no point wasting it.

Frugal, cheap, miser or simply utilizing what I have. Why spend money where you don’t need to?

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