Plans for day

I have already made my jelly before breakfast… I have heaps of gelatin in the cupboard, do not ask why because I have no idea when I collected this. I also have cordial, now I know why I got this very cheap bottle of lemon cordial…to make jelly with. Hubby usually eats home made yoghurt for desert and I have jelly or some fruit or a biscuit, what ever is going. I try to make as much as I can because its cheaper in the long run.

I have some curry in the freezer that isn’t the nicest curry that I have ever made. Today I am going to turn one batch into pies, add more curry to improve the flavor. I try to always have store bought frozen pastry as my pastry making is atrocious.

Biscuits are next and I intend to make a pretty big batch so I dont have to make more and freeze again for a while.

Next is Tuscan meatballs. Hubby can only eats so much tomato so I will make one batch without extra tomato and the next lot with extra tomato. This should last us a while in meal portions frozen for later use.

In-between all of this I will attempt to finish off the repairs to a 60 year old bedspread that is falling to bits. I have unused doilies I am using to mend holes and disintegrating areas on this blanket…why? well why not I have the doilies and what I dont have I will make or get from a second hand store…so many people just do not use them any more.

Yesterday I finished darning the holes in Hubbys slippers. He now has Rudolph the red nose slippers…his choice of colours by the way lol20170510_175545

Am I wonderful or clever or a great cook, lol No NO NO!!! I am simply a miser trying to hang onto our money a bit longer than before .. everything is going up in price. The Government is taking more money, the banks are going to take more of our money so they can give it to the Government who want it. The groceries are going up in price and I would guess just about everything else will go up in price now too…

So today I am trying to save money… hows your day going? 🙂



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