Jam making

Seven jars of jam. Strawberries and blackberries with a couple of apples thrown in for good measure. I grew the strawberries and the blackberries myself.

One jar to go to my son. One tiny jar as a farewell gift and added to a handmade card for one of Hubbies workmates. The rest will be for us.

Tomorrow I will make up the marmalade from the oranges I had frozen. I managed to get some really cheap oranges one day before we moved house. I wasn’t able to make the marmalade then so I chopped up the oranges, shredded the skins and froze it all until today. It is now defrosting in the pan for tomorrows cook up. I prefer homemade marmalade rather than the sickly sweet stuff you get from the store.

It saves only a little money to make the jam and marmalade but every penny saved is a penny more towards the mortgage. Cant beat that.

I have never been a good cook but I have managed to learn how to make jam.


You can probably see why I needed to buy more sugar for the pantry.

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