good luck folks

Its scary to think how much of our society runs on the internet and computers. One lot of money grubbing people do something to computers and world chaos begins.  Britain couldn’t help its sick because their records couldn’t be accessed this week due to the hackers. (yes I am probably using the wrong terminology here) So many people affected…sigh

What next are we going to have planes dropping from the sky? Its like in the movies isn’t it? A hacker holds the world to ransom.

On a personal level I only worry about the bank and it losing my records… This would be a disaster. So think about what of your life is reliant on computers and the internet. What will be affected if a computer system is affected? Banks, utilities, planes, trains, cars, boats, internet (of course) entertainment, shopping (utilities out so food spoils)… yes this is the extreme lol but it is very interesting to think about what would happen if it all went out wouldn’t it?

Wasn’t there a movie where aliens invaded and took out the satellites first? Wasn’t that the one with Will Smith in it where he yells ” I gotta get me one of these.”… cant for the life of me remember what it was called, yes I could check it out but that would mean I have to use the internet……


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