I am a newbie at sewing with a machine. Hubby got me a fancy sewing machine for his birthday…yes you got it he bought me a sewing machine for his birthday gift….. one year. I have been working slowly but slowly improving my skills which truly are rather poor, but before the move I packed the machine away and today a few months down the track I have finally pulled it out again.

mmm thankfully I started on a very small insignificant task. lol you should see the shocking attempts I made. I am not sure if it is the material or the lost skill but the soap holders I made are really rough lol…so glad I am the only one who is going to use them …

soap holder – material made into a bag/envelope that can be used as a soap filled washer in the shower… I have thrown the scraps of perfumed soap into them. I have three I can rotate i.e. wash one, use one have one on hold. yes they hold a full bar of soap too.

Normally I use the scraps in my clothes washing powder and will continue to do so but I so love my perfumed soaps I just dont like not to use it all up on me…I am selfish.

Next I am meant to be making a few beanies for my Grandson. He has alopecia and normal beanies itch his scalp so I will be making soft material ones for him.

Then I am into altering a few items of clothing to make them original and also allow me to get longer use of each item. This is the thing I enjoy the most. I am not really into following patterns. I prefer to make my own freestyle. Its just lots of fun 🙂 and it saves me money yay.


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