Freezing mince

Today I found this hack on the net…now its a great idea but not what I do.

This mince freezing hack will make last minute dinners a breeze

Personally I mix the mince with flour and herbs. Then I make them into balls that can be easily frozen and easily portioned per person. Each ball should contain enough mince to make into a burger pattie (hence the mix I make up). I can take out one ball per person per meal I wish to make. I defrost them and make them into rissoles, Turkish kebabs, meat balls, meat pies…..basically what ever I can think of that requires mince.

Now the addition of flour and herbs before hand…. I will also add onion if I have it and/or a french onion soup mix for flavor. One kilo of mince at a time with the flour, made into balls to use later and I do not have to muck around when the mince is defrosted with adding flour or seasoning because it is already done before freezing. This saves me so much time and so much washing up. I do it all at once and have only one bowl to wash.

The above link to the mince freezing hack probably works a treat for some but its just not for me.

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