new clothes?

I have been working on weight loss…sorry its a boring ramble today… and although I am not really putting the effort into this that I could, I am finally losing size. This is great but…………

My jeans are falling off.

Now this is wonderful and I love the fact I have gotten to this point but its not a good look hobbling down the street with a grocery bag in each hand and my jeans slither down to my ankles making me hobble.  If I was young and beautiful it might be worth it to get the wolf whistles but trust me at my age having my jeans around my ankles isnt really pretty.

I could wear a belt, I do have one that fits at the moment, but I really hate the inconvenience of having to undo and do a belt up when I need to remove my clothes…yes I am sure I have already said …I am lazy. I now have to figure out how to fix the problem.

  • buy clothes that fit
  • use my wonderful (cough) sewing skills to alter the jeans
  • use the belt
  • let them fall

I am too old to let them fall.

I hate belts

I probably will bring the sewing machine out and alter the jeans and use big tops to cover up the sewing mistakes.

I am not about to waste money on new clothes…what if I lose more weight do I have to buy more clothes when this happens? I am a miser and cant justify the expense. I still have smaller items of clothing I have shrunk into so I can still look presentable. (I am so pleased the days of squeezing into too small clothes is over)

I have a limited amount of clothes in my wardrobe, am a miser and am still trying to lose more wight, so I have to make the most of what I have and make do.



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