Sweat stains on work shirts

My husband like many men, leaves perspiration stains/build up on the underarms of his work shirts. Deodorant is the main culprit but try as I might I cant find any that stops this issue and we have used them all over the years. I have also used everything I can think of to get rid of it.

At the end of every season I am forced to get rid of so many of his shirts because of this. Yesterday I was talking to my darling cousin and mentioned the problem. Oh that’s easy she says, my son did the same thing to his sports clothes when he was young…lemon juice, rub it in and let it sit for a few minutes and then toss it into the wash… Skeptical me didn’t believe a word she said and politely thanked her for her advice.

I pulled a lemon quarter out of the freezer and let it defrost…yes of course I tried it I was desperate. When it defrosted I used it on three of his shirts… one I was about to throw out (well actually I was going to salvage usable bits for my sewing projects) and the other two shirts were at different levels of yuk.

I washed them and they looked exactly the same, one looked worse so I figured “oh well worth a try” This morning the shirts were completely dry and the under arms were nearly perfect…nearly being the worst of the worst and I figure one more go with lemon will do the trick.

I cant believe it… all those shirts we threw out because they were unusable and if I had only known this trick it would have saved us a fortune… So now I am sharing this simple trick with you like my cousin did with me. It can save a fortune and a lot of grief.

Thank you wonderful cousin of mine

PS yes I know so many people already know this trick but I didnt so am happy to pass it onto anyone else who might not know 🙂

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