Paying for lunches

yep sure and bust my budget lol


Ok guys who nowadays actually still buys their lunches every day or that morning coffee,  lunchtime coffee etc etc………. anyone who actually answered yes keep reading.

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Hubby takes his lunch everyday to work so do most of his workmates. Its quite the norm at his workplace for everyone to eat what they bring to work. Yes of course there are those who buy their meals but most take them. They compare what they have for lunch just like in the playground lol. My cakes and biscuits have been examined and admired (I am a hopeless cook so I know its only them being polite lol).

Our Grocery budget per month (all gifts comes out of this amount as well..I am cheap) is $200. We also get pocket money and if Hubby wants to buy food for lunch out of this it is his choice as its his money. I buy meat for his sandwiches, and have fruit and bread, sauces, cakes and yoghurts etc all ready for him so he can just take what he wants. I froze stewed pears in snack containers the other day and he will add yoghurt and have this after his sandwich at lunch time. I eat what ever I want at home and if I am going out I take a sandwich with me. I have no shame to sit and eat my sandwich with my friends.

I use to work in an office where the girls competed on what fantastic meal they would get each day. I can only imagine how much money they were wasting. They were working to pay for their lunches. Some of them were paying $150 per week on lunches and coffees. Add the cost of parking ($100 per week) and their cigarettes and they were struggling to make ends meet each week.

Everyone has treats they give themselves and so they should as they work hard for their money, but there are treats and there is wasting money. I see daily take away meals as a waste as you can make the five lunches up on the weekend and take them with you each day. If your friends look down at you because of your lunches then they are not your friends… do you really want to waste all of your money to impress people who really aren’t your friends? It is of course your choice what you do but ………..

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I cant tell you how much money we save by Hubby taking his lunch to work but I am sure we could not afford to buy a home if we were kicking out $150 a week for meals and snacks to keep him fed at work. The chicken I buy and shred the meat for his sandwiches cost us $15 for two month. I remove the wings and drumsticks and these are meals for us. I use the skin and scraps for fried rice or something as easy to make. The chicken was $3.50 per kilo this month. Sandwich meat is a lot more expensive and even taking into account the removal of the drumsticks and the weight of the skeleton we are still ahead of the $16-20 per kilo of sandwich meat. I use to buy sausages and cook them, slice them up and freeze them for sandwiches but they upset Hubby’s stomach so I stopped doing that. Meat is meat, and a roast chicken sandwich would cost a fair bit at a cafe, more than we pay…. its been so long since I have purchased one I cant tell you how much it costs.

If anyone doubts the benefits from taking your own lunches I challenge you to take your lunches and snacks for one month, tally up your savings and then decide what you want to do.

I always look at it this way… in six months time are you going to remember what you had for lunch last Tuesday? In six months time will you remember how it felt to see that growing bank account that will let you raise a deposit for a home, a car or a holiday you have always wanted?

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