What would make you kill?

Ever had a day where you just felt it would make things better if you could throttle the internet provider? Today is one of those days of me. … sigh.

We have Fetch TV with our internet service, well we are meant to have Fetch TV with our internet service. The machine tells me we have streaming difficulties and to check the internet…well I am on the internet at the moment so I dont think this is the problem.

I do a diagnostic and it tells me everything including the streaming is perfect and there are no problems. I do a speed test and once again it says there is no problem, well I didnt think there was as the computer is doing quite well thank you very much.

I consider phoning the internet provider but remember the previous few times I had to call and shiver with fear. Two hours wait on the phone before a human being answers and they tell me that the added  $100 they added for no apparent reason to my bill “is a reasonable amount”… half and hour of yelling, then handing it over to Hubby to deal with as the man on the other end obviously had issues with dealing with a woman, has turned me off wanting to ever call them again.

What do I do as the picture flicks on the TV screen every half hour for two second intervals? Well I sit here sipping my coffee and decide to leave the issue for Hubby because I could do some dreadful thing like reach down the phone line and drag the customer service operator to my home and kill them with great relish, but I have just cleaned my floors and have no intention of allowing some ill equip customer service provider to soil those nice shiny floors.

I can see how writers get their story lines now though cant you?

So what would make you kill?

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