we are all different

Well off I went on my walk today. It was heavy with fog and while walking I got wet from the mist but it was so refreshing. I walked 5km and a lot of it up hill. I explored a different suburb adjacent to ours. It is fun to explore the new areas after moving house.

The area we live in is totally different from all the other ones we have lived before. In the past we have lived in typical suburban homes but this time we have moved to an area where high rise is the norm. Construction is happening everywhere. You cannot look any direction without seeing cranes, trucks or workmen of some sort as buildings go up and road works happen. It’s all new and exciting for me. Its loud, its busy its exciting.

In among all of this I came across a couple of ducks making their lives under a bridge, in a man-made wetlands that had just recently flooded due to rain. The water was muddy, there is a chair thrown in the water but here were these ducks making their home. The wetland is full of tiny fish so the ducks will have plenty of food. There are bulrushes so thick you couldn’t possibly make your way into them to disturb the ducks should they wish to nest. It is surprisingly a pretty healthy place for them, mud and all after the rains.

2017-05-25 16.50.46

So many people criticise high rise set communities and scream at the Government for creating them but I like it here and so it appears do the ducks. Not everyone wants a quiet suburb with houses that have large back yards with lots of maintenance required. Some of us want just what I have.. a tiny unit in the middle of all of the noise, action, construction and dust. Isn’t it lucky we are all different, now all we need to do is get the big back yard people to realise we like it here and if we like it then this does not make us retarded like I have been told on social media, it just makes us different from them.


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