Noisy neighbours

Ok we have all had them so how did you deal with them… I have yelled, I have banged on the wall and I have considered strangling the fool but still the noise continues.

This morning it had gotten to the point of ridiculous…the noise went late into the night so when morning finally came I rolled over thinking I would get a sleep…lol not a hope the noise began again louder. I crawled out of bed exhausted, close to tears and grumpy at Hubby…poor suffering soul.

I know there is nothing I can do to stop this guy making a noise. I know I can complain, fight and stress but it will change nothing and will destroy my life so I have a plan…change what I do.

I have moved the bed, we will put a wall shelf along the offending wall, fill it with books and hope it provides some sound proofing. I will use my iPod to drown out the sound or ear plugs what ever I choose at the time. As much as I hate to do this I will suck it up and get on with my life. Maybe one day our neighbour will leave and our new neighbours will be worse and I will be wishing he returned…

It is my attitude that has to change because I cant change my neighbours … its a pain but I have to grow up… 😦  and that I have to say it doesnt appeal to me.


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