when on the bus

Do not and I repeat this, DO NOT suggest getting off the bus early and walking home and should your Hubby agree with you SLAP HIM SENSELESS GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went to the fruit and veg markets near our new home. They are only on Saturday mornings. We got up early, caught the bus and went to the markets…what a horrendous waste of time this was, except for the exercise and time we spent together. The prices were so much more expensive than the fruit and veg in the stores, even at the inflated prices they have. It was a blatant rip off.

The markets are advertised as farmers markets and maybe they are really farmers bringing their wares to town for us to purchase.  My problem is when they ask for $$$ more per kilo than the supermarkets for produce that was wilting, bruised and quite frankly items even I with my ‘eat bruised and marked produce’ policy, would overlook as past its use by date. We walked out disgusted and before arriving home went via the local Woolworths for what we needed.

Now the bus bit.. we thought we might hop off the bus and get a few kilometres of walking in before popping into Woolies…mmmmmm. We jumped off and that was great, off we marched and decided to pop into the local Vinnies…then a loo break was required… this meant walking three blocks to the public toilets and back again..no problem right….

We walked around and around the store examining everything there.. we hadn’t been there before and it was/is huge. I got a couple of great deals – a shirt for summer at $4 brand new and it still had its Target label on it, a cooling rack that fits perfectly in the bottom of my slow cooker to help raise food off the bottom for $1 and a set of serving utensils ideal for the slow cookers (yes I have four and use them all) so the ceramic is not scratched… the serving spoons I have already are actually large and awkward to use in the pots…. these smaller ones cost me $1 as well.

Then off we went in search of the Salvation Army store. We know there is one there but do you think we could find it, of course not so around and around we went racking up the kilometres. Finally we decided to just visit the pet store and head home.

The walk home I will mention was mostly up hill. By the time we got to Woolworths we were ready to admit how unfit we are. Only four more blocks to get home and one set of stairs. I tell you that set of stairs seemed steeper than I have ever known it to be and I swear it kept adding steps to the top as we kept climbing…

Now just so you know I am not quite as unfit as I appear and Hubby isn’t as unfit as I am…. I spent yesterday moving furniture for about five hours and it was very very heavy, well this is my excuse and I am sticking to it. Hubby did something he rarely does..he stayed up until the wee hours of this morning watching a movie or two (I didn’t know because I had piked out early after my furniture lifting and moving) so when I suggested the early departure from the bus I was unaware of his lack of sleep and the darling man didn’t let me know until a short time ago lol…

So people if you think you just might get off the bus about ten km before your normal stop do it knowing you will probably walk further than you had planned if you see a big shop you haven’t visited before or have to locate a public loo or find a missing store like we did.

Oh my muscles are yelling at me at the moment……. DON’T GET OFF THAT BUS


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