Woolworth Marvel Hero discs

Now because we shop at Woolworth we have collected a few of these discs. Actually we have quite a few of them. This is not an issue as we have numerous grand-kids to give them to.

Today we popped a few into an envelope and I realised we were getting our Grand-kids into gambling at an early age… think of scratch lottery tickets … you scratch off the silver bit to see what you have won right? Well the kids are getting these discs in a packet and excitedly open them up to see what they have won.

Scratch lotto for kiddies… its scary when you think of it this way…. teaching a kid you spend money, open the packet and sometimes you can win a prize disc…..you pay money, scratch of the silver bit and you might win a prize, money… sometimes you get something sometimes you don’t..

We will send off the discs and leave it to their parents to decide if the kids get the discs. Hopefully the child will not learn the gambling lesson that has been targeted at children. Hopefully the discs will end up in the trash like so many similar things I gave my children when they were young and I didn’t think about.

What do you think about these sort of things? Do you think they are harmless little toys that you see as a bonus for doing your shopping or could they be seen as grooming small children in the consumer or gamblers life styles the way big businesses want them to be?


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