my day

Its a slow day today.

I have walked to the mail parcel office…7 km there and back….. to pick up 14 books.. I have Grand-kids who need Xmas and birthday gifts. The box they came in will be used to carry and protect the girls Xmas gifts, inside the suitcase on the plane. I am a little concerned they may break.

My pizza base dough is busy rising up so I can flatten it out again and freeze them.

The vacuuming is done

The chicken I cooked in the slow cooker yesterday has been shredded and frozen for future meals and sandwich meat. The skeleton is frozen for making chicken stock for the future…I will boil the bones up another day.

The stock made from the cooking of the chicken and the veg for tea is going to be used in the risotto later. Oh yes I failed to mention I have kept a bit of chicken aside for the risotto. this will be tea and I should have enough left over for another meal which I will freeze.

The large zip lock bags I washed out last night are dry now and awaiting the pizza bases to be put in them.

The vegetables in the pots on the balcony have been watered.

I swept the balcony.

I made waffles for lunch…a quick and easy lunch.

Many coffees have disappeared and I know I really shouldn’t drink so much coffee lol

As I said its been a pretty slack day


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