A box of books full of our past… out comes an algebra book I have had for too many years to remember… do I get rid of it as expected ? No I dont I am going to use it to keep my brain active. I loved algebra and I cant think of a better way to stimulate and keep the old grey cells active than to have fun with it again. When I get to the end of the book I will get rid of it.

A book of children’s poems… yes I will keep this. I will make up cards to send to each Grand-child with one of the poems inside each card… why not stimulate their brains as well.

Fiction books…yep you guessed it they are gone, well most of them. I have kept two from authors of yesteryear. If I find they do not appeal as I read them they will also go, they will be gone as soon as I have finished reading them anyway.

Non fiction mainly history books, well they are staying as we are both history buffs.

Kitchen implements… one beater as old as our kids, still in working order…it will be well used in my kitchen. A George Foreman that will be used to toast my sandwiches as my sandwich maker died a dramatic death and it was almost brand new… “oldy but goody” comes to mind and “they don’t make em like they use to”

So how much was weeded from the many boxes of stuff we have in the garage… well quite a few books. All to be donated to an organisation so they may sell them for the project they have planned.

Little by little we will clear the garage. We are here for the next ten years unless the floor of the building falls into the garages below or the roof falls in, so we will be able to do this declutter thing completely before we retire.





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