Recycle, reuse, repurpose

While getting things out of my cupboard to start a day of cooking I realised how much I have that is reused repurposed and recycled. I’d like to share a few and please not it really is just a few things. I didn’t have the time to pull everything out and didn’t think you would want that anyway.


I do not throw out an item if it can be used but I do not keep something, just in case. I do not want clutter I simply utilise what I have on hand and make the most of it at the time. You might notice a ceramic container in the photo… I have had this for years, longer than I have had my kids. It is cracked so we use it to hold our five cent pieces before they are banked. It is also handy as a book end.

You might get the idea my house is filled with empty coffee tins and jars like a hoarders house, not on your nellie… I will toss what ever is not being used and is getting in my way. My home is small, space is at a premium and I am the sort of person who prefers the uncluttered look. I will however keep a container if I need to.

We purchased a huge bag of rice a while back and I knew I might not have the containers to keep it in so I kept the coffee tin to use for this purpose, otherwise the coffee tin would be in the bin.

We didn’t notice how much we do this until a visitor pointed it out, lol. It does not bother us to have pretty matching expensive canisters when the things are in a cupboard behind a door and cant be seen. If our visitors do not like our canisters then its their problem. Why would I pay $8 or so for a canister when I have a perfectly good one in the shape of a coffee jar that I would have to throw out if I didn’t use it.

Is your home pretty and expensive or do you also reuse, repurpose and recycle your things…


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