Yesterday I spent the afternoon cooking, well the slow cookers did lol. I have a three in one cooker( I saved up and purchased it out of my own pocket money not the household budget) and an old single one I use. I now have one apple cake, we ate the rice last night. Balsamic chicken and Mongolian chicken.  All up 11 meals for us and all I had to do was throw the ingredients into the cookers. All meals are now frozen for another day with one in the fridge for tonight’s meal.

I like cooking this way as it gives me quick easy meals for the days I just don’t feel like cooking… I would like to do those once a month meals cook offs but I just don’t have the energy to do it. Our freezer is now full. I have the two chicken meals, soups, chili’s and curries as well as meat balls I turn into Turkish kebabs and burgers. I also have meat loaf, roast lamb and pork that is already cooked and sliced and in meal portions. I also have a couple of fish meals in there as well… oh and pizza bases for those Friday nights we want take away.

I am meant to be doing our two month shop next month but I don’t think it will be necessary. I think we will be able to get away with doing one at the end of three months… this is of course good because it means a small saving, less work and a feeling of achievement.

While the slow cookers did their work I wrapped gifts. Twelve months of gifts for 16 people. So Xmas 2017 and birthdays 2018 are nearly done..I have some gifts still to wrap, after all there were a lot to wrap and I simply hate and I say hate with a vengeance, wrapping gifts. I would prefer to clean 100 toilets than gift wrap. The pressure is off for this year, so now if I see a small discounted item I can buy it for next year and get a heads start and no last minute shopping, fighting the crowds, the budget or the gift wrapping.