reviewing my budget

I have worked very hard over the last six months to reduce our out going . I have reduced our medical health fund fees, the rent, the utilities, the grocery bills, the gift expenses and our holiday costs.

We are doing pretty well.

Initially the house move shook our bank account up, helping out a family member bit hard but we have begun to fight back. Our bond money return took care of the moving costs and our account looked better after that. It took me two months of fighting to get it back, they seem to hang onto it regardless of if you are entitled to get it back or not and many filling in of forms and phone calls later it made it to our account… I guess they get interest on it and don’t like to lose that ..sigh I’d rather be getting that interest.

We took a hit with our home we are buying as it needs a new roof and although we know its an investment we hurt to see the bank account empty a bit.

Our cheaper rent and our savings on groceries are helping the bank account fill up again. Every penny we don’t spend is a bonus.

We try to travel every year to see grand-kids, every two years at the worst. This year it will be 18 months. We are going to hit two states in ten days as well as view our rental property. We have managed to do it in a way that we are paying $500 less for plane tickets had we gone visiting each state separately.  We have also taken accommodation in the cheapest hotels closest to the airports and we will use public transport… Macca’s has $1 burgers going so I foresee a few evening meals taken there… Breakfasts we will purchase from a store and keep in the mini fridge in the hotel room. Lunches will be sandwiches made ourselves and taken with us. Cheap? of course we are lol but this way we will have fun and see the Grand-kids… who is going to remember what they ate for lunch on holidays?

The heater is on at the moment…cold here, but it will go off now the unit is warm and come back on again for about an hour this evening… I will simply rug up.

so how is everyone else going with budgets

Update: while finishing this off, the phone rang… the rental units bathroom exhaust fan has died. Now what was I saying about things going well lol… Its ok though the cost comes out of the rent and we are not going to suffer and it needs replacing… end of story. And this guys is why we have money sitting in our bank account.

Emergency money is simply essential, not up for discussion, is a priority. I try to encourage my kids to have money in the bank to cover their unexpected bills, don’t touch it for anything else. We normally pay our mortgage payments with the rent that is collected from the unit, this time it comes out of the money in the bank. dem’s the breaks.

Emergency fund minimum that I would recommend is $1000 (read Dave Ramsey if you need to as he states the case quite well) more as you go along..we have more. My goal is to have a years worth in the bank and the mortgage paid off, the money for the move to our new home and money enough to renovate the bathroom when we get there… I have ten years to get this done.

I am headed out to collect the mail…I am expecting the electricity bill.. yet another bill lol… the only mail we get nowadays is bills


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