This week

Its been a quiet week. I have been shopping, done some cooking and visited my son.

I have been online grocery shopping but thought I’d see how I go shopping each week. I have to say I am missing the spending of money, the hunt for a deal and stretching our money as far as I am able to.

Monday I spent $33 dollars at the local grocery store. I topped up Hubbies muesli supply, got bread and a few other things. Money doesn’t go far but we really don’t need anything else for a while.

Today I went past the local IGA and snaffled up two cauliflowers, 1 1/2 kilo of green apples and 1 1/2 kilo of capsicums for $6. Hubby is going to grab two more cauliflowers for me so I can blanch and freeze them for my meals over the next few months. The apples will be made into apple bread, apple tarts and straight stewed fruit that will be frozen to use over the next few months. The capsicum will be sliced and frozen for use in cooking. I grab good priced items when I  I will round up and say I have spent $40 this week for the two of us..

Normally we have $200 for the months groceries… so $40 down $160 to go.. Hubby will probably spend about $5 as I have asked him to get some apples as well. So $45 this week. $155 to go.  it will be interesting to see if I spend too much this month. As the fridge, freezer and cupboards are full (items will need to be replaced over the next few weeks eg milk) we are looking pretty good so far.

Visit to son…well I love my son what more can I say, it was a lovely lunch with him today.


Ok update Hubby got more than asked for but all good… 

$200 budget

  • $33 spent Monday
  • $$15 spent on fruit and veg

Leaves $152 for the rest of the month

Fruit and veg purchased in total for just under $15 (rounded up)

  • 5 kg potatoes
  • 4 kilo cauliflower (blanched and frozen)
  • 4 kilo apples (two different types)
  • 1 1/2 kilo capsicum (sliced diced frozen for later use)