what have I done today

Its funny but I try to find something to say that might inspire someone and help them save money, to battle debt or simply learn a few tricks to make life easier financially. I think “what have I done today?” and start writing it down… two paragraphs in and I’m done… so I haven’t done anything today of any consequences …

I have lost weight, my trousers keep falling off…very embarrassing and I do not want to spend money on new ones yet…I am hoping to lose more. I grab one pair and take them in using my poor sewing skills but they look ok. I put them on and find they still fall off I have lost more size than I thought..I am still fat just not as bad as before… so I find a bit of elastic. The elastic is just a scrap but the right length for putting into the back of the waistband.

I find the other two pair of jeans that fall off all of the time. I locate two more pieces of elastic, quite a job it turns out as I only have a few scrap pieces …note to self, buy some elastic for future projects…. I thread the elastic through the waistband and stitch it up again, put the sewing machine away and thank my luck stars I had the elastic and that it is winter and the coat will cover up the baggy trousers for me.

I then go to the fridge and move the fried rice I made yesterday and put into containers and cooled overnight in the fridge. This rice will be a nice addition to our meals in the future… made from left overs in a slow cooker… all good.

I wash the baggies out from Hubbies lunch box yesterday and put them out to dry for later use… using washed out baggies saves a little bit of money that we can then use for food.

I bagged the frozen shredded chicken Hubby uses for sandwiches for work. Before the stores pumped their chickens with water to bulk out the weight, buying and shredding chicken was a cheaper way of supplying sandwich meat than buying the deli meats. when I cooked the two 2 kilo chooks I got the drumsticks and wings off for meals and shredded the rest ..I got 1 kilo of meat. so out of a 4 kilo lot of chicken minus the skeletons and the drumsticks and wings I got a lousy 1 kilo of meat… the baking dish had to be emptied twice and it measured over 1 litre of liquid, not fat but straight liquid… we will not be buying a whole chicken again from Woolworths again. I will find an alternative way of getting cheap lunch meat for Hubby… so unimpressed…

I dont know what else to say, I opened a UHT Home brand litre of milk and poured it into the jug. The UHT is 90 cents to the $1 or more for the ‘normal’ milk so we get it for 10% less that normal milk…thats one litre extra for us every 9 litres of milk if you buy it out of the dairy cabinet and I can keep mine, without it going off for as long as I want to …with in reason of course.

I ate my cheap cheese on my toast made from cheap bread this morning and dont think I was any less full than if I’d had expensive cheese and expensive bread. It tasted just fine too.

I have just finished putting on chips for tea. They are made from cheap potatoes..none of that organic stuff for us. I sprinkled them with onion powder I made a few years ago from some cheap onions I got from the markets …I dehydrated them and crushed them. I sprayed the chips with cheap oil spray, it doesnt change the taste of the chips so why buy the expensive stuff? We will have Turkish kebabs made from cheap mince. I will also throw on cheap greens as well and we will survive a cheap meal without a thought about those who spend a fortune on their potatoes and mince …

I have not used the heater all day. I have simply put on a jumper and ugg boots to keep warm. The oven I have on to cook the chips will serve double duty tonight. It will cook the chips and warm the unit up.

Ok so there you have it my boring day of not spending money and of using cheap stuff to live with… Our bank account remains the same and my purse still holds the same money. Hubby is travelling home on the bus so other than the $80 a month he spends on travel he will spend no more today either.

I am cheap but I am happy, well fed, relatively healthy and reasonably dressed. My bills are paid…. how did you go today?



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