Stealing or compliment

If someone copies you, your blog is it stealing or is it a compliment? I dont mean word for word of course but someone who does a blog update just like mine straight after I have posted mine (within a few days).. subject mater and style…

At first I thought coincidence but its been every single post I have made. I stopped writing for a while and as soon as I posted up came a very similar post from that person (this persons style is completely different from mine so it is so easy to see they are copying me)… I stopped again and the first post yielded the same result. I then hit you poor people with a few posts one after the other and yes they were all copied…

I am at the point where I am not sure what to do. Do I continue to write and let this person copy me or do I just give it away because all I am doing is feeding them ideas for their blog. I am not in competition, I don’t care how many followers we have etc but I do think this person could start thinking for themselves. Its not like its difficult. …sigh

So is it stealing or is it a compliment???


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