Tax time, yippee………..not

Well I have been off line for a week now. The computer decided to stop working. No matter what we did the thing just refused to power up, so off to the doctor I went… of course just like when you take a sick kid to the doctors and the kid bounces around the room as if nothing was ever wrong with it, the computer powered up and hasn’t looked back. Talk about being embarrassed, fortunately Hubby who is IT employed had also given it the thrice over and hadn’t been able to get it to work so I wasn’t completely alone in my embarrassment.

Tax time… who loves it? No? Yeh not the most enthralling thing out is it? We had too much of some documents that were not necessary and too little of others. Some claims we thought were a given were no longer accepted by the Government and others we didn’t know about were now acceptable… Tomorrow I have to send in more documentation to cover the later. It doesn’t matter how organised you are the Government will always find a way to slow things down by changing the rules… sigh.

Lessons learned…

  • save all documentation grr, I hate paperwork at times
  • Have a folder with pockets ready to file every document
  • Label every pocket so you can find it easily on the day
  • Keep an index of what document you have kept
  • Keep a running tab of claims you intend to make and mark them off as the accountant or you go through the claim
  • Keep a list of questions for the accountant and mark them off as you get the answers, which of course you will write down as you go
  • Pray it all goes well and you never get audited
  • Go out to dinner afterwards (we had Red Rooster) so ease the stress or at least have a meal ready at home you can reheat.
  • Don’t do what I am doing and go over every detail in your mind afterwards and not be able to sleep

Usually I am well on top of all paperwork but the last year has seen me be very unwell and too ill to think of doing paperwork and filing so our document gathering didn’t go as it should have this year… next year I will have it so organised it will walk itself to the accountant and save us the trip there.

I hope everyones experience with the accountant and tax time this year will run more smoothly than ours did. …. No we do not do it ourselves like I did when I was single with only my wage and little else to worry myself with. Now we have a more complicated situation and there is not a hope we would be able to do it all ourselves.

Good luck everyone




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