Weeks groceries for two $3.50

Well my new grocery routine seems to be going well. Last month $150 for groceries (rounded up). Our new month started ten days ago and I have spent $3.50… well actually we got $25.50 worth of groceries for $3.50.

This is how we did it…..




I went shopping with my list of essentials only that we needed for the month. They totalled $25.50. At the checkout I got $20 taken off for Woolies reward points. Whilst walking home I found a $2 coin. Total less in purse was $3.50.

I am signed up to Woolies and Coles rewards. I use them and if we get a discount or credit I use it as well, why not its free food. This $20 freebie was gained by following one of those deals they send out.. spend $30 per week and we will give you $20 free groceries.. Well normally I would not do this as they normally ask me to spend $50 per week for four weeks and that is not what I would or could spend so I simply do not get involved in it. This time however they said $30 and I knew there was not going to be an issue spending that as it’s the norm for us. So we ended up with a $20 credit…Thank you Woolies. I do dounbt I will be offered such a low weekly amount again any time soon.

A lot of people say joining the loyalty card schemes is not worth it. I just got $20 free groceries for signing up, swiping the card and allowing them to collect marketing data from my shops. I use Coles as well and every year we end up with extra money to spend at Christmas time. This year will probably see me purchase the roast for Christmas lunch with the money I have accumulated by swiping the card. To me using the cards is a no brainer. Free food and the companies learn what products to stock in the store for me.

Next week I will wander to the stores, do a shop in Aldi’s for the items I get there, just as I planned to do anyway. Aldi’s don’t have a loyalty card which is a shame but if they ever get one I will sign up.


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