Earn your keep

In my home I expect things I buy to ‘earn their keep’. I am not sure what others feel about this but if I am going to pay out hard earned money on something it has to earn its keep.

Some years ago, close to ten to tell the truth, Hubby got me something I so desperately wanted but we simply couldn’t afford. It was for my birthday and so he went to the secondhand store and bought the previous years model. That little object has been used until it now is starting to develop glitches that all old things get…you know the aching joints and memory loss and the inability to do the things you could do when you were younger.

Hubby got me a touch iPod and I use it. It was a want in those days of course and not a need so I was and still am so grateful he did this for me.  I listen to it as I am doing housework, sewing, painting, walking, grocery shopping, travelling in a bus, travelling in a plane and even when the neighbours are noisy at night I will stick it on so I can sleep to my sort of music and not theirs. Unfortunately it is closing in on retirement. My iPod has been most helpful in the past doubling as a camera, music storage, USB and eBook reader. It will be missed but remembered when it goes.

I am going to use it until it dies and I will not retire it unceremoniously and throw it on the scrap heap. It has served me well and deserves respect. It will still come with me when I am travelling and still help me with the housework but I will ease its load by starting to use my mobile. My mobile does all the things the iPod has done, as now technology has advanced to the point where buying an iPod would be a waste of money.

When we buy things we expect them to serve the job they are purchased for and more if possible. Our freezer does double duty in our home for example. It is a freezer of course but with mats placed on top of its lid it is also a major part of our kitchen bench space.  Our lounge is a spare bed for visitors. Our bed is a workbench I use for sorting and folding clothes on when I have clothes to put away. Kitchen table becomes a sewing table or craft bench………….You get the idea.

By giving our purchases double duty and by expecting them to pull their weight we save money and storage space.


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