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I have converted an old shirt my mother gave me into something I can now use… for some reason my mother thinks I am five or six sizes bigger than I am and keeps giving me shirts etc of this size.. I reuse them to make things for the grand-kids normally but one shirt was made of a material I like.

I needed a shirt/vest to throw over the top of singlet tops in the summer time. So out came my trusty unpicker and the sewing machine. I took off the collar and replaced it with bias binding. I took off the sleeves and stitched around the arm hole, neatly…now thats saying something as I am hopeless at sewing.

I now have a large vest of nice material to throw over a singlet top in the summer and I can look smart and be cool …. and I have finally got one of the shirts that I can wear that my mother gave me.  I will now do the same to other shirts I like so I have a collection of these tops…. I have always liked baggy vests for summer (I’m a nerd yes)

The best part of this story is that at the moment stores here are selling exactly the same sort of thing for $30 and more and I have paid only the electricity to run the machine and the cost of 6 inches of bias and some cotton for my top. I truly am a cheap skate or miser or what ever label you want to give me. I will wear them with pride.


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