one of those weeks

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you werent feeling well, couldnt sleep and when you finally fell asleep your Hubby decided to start sneezing uncontrollably keeping you awake. Now I know he didnt mean to keep me awake but when you get to be this tired reason simply flys out the window …

So far I have been awake for 18 hours after only five hours sleep the night before. Tonight and tomorrow had better bring me sleep or I might have to consider something drastic to deal with it… yes I am talking the dreaded E word.

Exercise … what a hateful word that is in any language. yes I exercise but not when I feel ill as I have this week. My lack of exercise though is probably the problem of course. Sigh I guess exercise will be the mornings activity tomorrow. Remember as a fat lazy person this is a frightening thought for me… joking folks , if getting my system back in the running it takes me to exercise I will…

Winter flu’s are so annoying arent they. Your daily routine goes, your temper goes, your sleep goes and any semblance of normal goes. We have the flu shot each year and this year it has made a considerable difference but a tiny virus picked up from the accountant did take hold this week. Dont ever lock yourself in a small office with an accountant who has the flu. Truly when she said she was sick I nearly bolted out of that office. I should have but I didnt I sat there and breathed in all of her germs she was sharing that day. Why do people go to work when they are contagious?

Oh well if this is all I have to complain about then I am doing very well thank you very much.

Tomorrow is baking day… fruit loaf because Hubby likes it. Bread rolls because we could use some. Biscuits because Hubby needs some for lunches at work. I like them too but dont eat as many as he does if I can help it.

I also have to paint some more rocks for the kids to find. I have painted and dropped over fifty rocks so far. Some have been found and posted on the facebook page, but mostly we do not hear any more from my tiny creations. Well some arent so tiny. I had one the other day that would have weighed a kilo at least. It went in twenty minutes and we never heard about it again. I guess someone took a liking to it. I will try to locate a picture of it and put it as the image for this days blog.

I have also started painting cork tiles and making them into coffee cup coasters and placemats. I have one started. It takes hours to make them. The painting I finished the other day took about 15 hours work to complete it. Each coaster takes about four hours to do…well in the past anyway. The style I am doing now takes me longer to complete but they look nicer, more professional. I want them to be pieces of art not just coffee coasters.

When I do the next one I will put a picture up for you to view.

Ok now I am going to try to get some sleep if this old body will allow it.



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