Bargain meat

Ok I know I am crazy but today I found out how crazy other people are.... There is an article I read about what people prefer to buy at Costco in Canberra. We are not members because we dont own a car so getting to and from Costco on a bus is awkward for us,... Continue Reading →


Did I do the right thing?

When we moved here we knew a neighbour had a dog. It has been a lovely 12 months, with the dog being a joy to have around..... but recently things have changed. We are well into the third week of the dog waking us up at 5 am and barking continually (obviously with gaps) until... Continue Reading →

roast lamb for tea tonight

Tonight we get to eat roast lamb. I could say we purchased a lovely leg of lamb for a really low price..the lowest I have seen in the last 12 months has been $8 a kilo... but no we simply purchased lamb off cuts from woolies for about $4 a kilo. Most of the off... Continue Reading →

Fail by company to deliver goods

Officeworks..I use to use them to deliver my Christmas gifts... no more. Today is day 38 since handing over a handmade quilt to be delivered to our niece for her first born baby.... yes you guessed it we probably will never see the thing again. Firstly they say they have tried to deliver it three... Continue Reading →

thinking outside the box

I need something that I can use in my sewing...I need to measure angles. I can get the items from the sewing store but I do not shop at the 'sewing' store... who in their right mind would pay those prices? Hubby stopped by the $2 store and got me a set square and protractor.... Continue Reading →

Valentines day

who is going to celebrate Valentines day? We arent, we dont.... we prefer to make sure we express our love daily. Valentines day, to us, is simply a money grabber. Today I made jam. Hubby stopped at the fruit stall on the way home and grabbed discounted fruit so I could make jam...this I needed... Continue Reading →


sigh and we have all had to deal with these at some stage during our lives... they come in with the grained foods. I found half a dozen in the rice so where there are half a dozen there will be more .... Out comes the containers for those things I haven't put in containers...I... Continue Reading →

fixing others mistakes

I have for years now used Office works Mailman service... sigh well no longer will this be the case. Last year they lost a parcel but found it very quickly so I continued to use the service. My mistake it appears. Hubby and I took two parcels into the store. The guy there gave us... Continue Reading →

Made myself a bag

I went to a $2 store and got a basic travel satchel. It just wasnt big enough so I added a pouch, phone pocket and buttons. I would prefer to simply carry my phone and my hanky but I have to also carry my medical items...epi-pens etc. These items are life saving but oh so... Continue Reading →

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