end of month

just an update Well we are fast approaching the end of our financial month. We have done pretty well with the grocery money savings this month. I took $50 less out of the bank last month and this month. I have just over $10 left for groceries this month and Hubby will grab some cheap... Continue Reading →

yes I do work

when we went to the accountant the other day she said "you dont work" "yes I do work I just do not earn an income like you" I replied. She raised her head from the paperwork and gave me an indulgent smile. I am proud of myself for my restraint ... Hubby and I looked... Continue Reading →

Earn your keep

In my home I expect things I buy to 'earn their keep'. I am not sure what others feel about this but if I am going to pay out hard earned money on something it has to earn its keep. Some years ago, close to ten to tell the truth, Hubby got me something I... Continue Reading →

Stealing or compliment

If someone copies you, your blog is it stealing or is it a compliment? I dont mean word for word of course but someone who does a blog update just like mine straight after I have posted mine (within a few days).. subject mater and style... At first I thought coincidence but its been every... Continue Reading →

read this on facebook today

• 10 deg C - Melbournians turn on the heat. People in Canberra plant gardens. • 4 deg C - Sydney residents shiver uncontrollably. People in Canberra sunbathe. • 2 deg C - Italian cars won't start. People in Canberra drive with the windows down. • 0 deg C - Distilled water freezes. Canberra water... Continue Reading →

For fun

Its Saturday a day to enjoy so what have I done? lol I have painted rocks. I will drop them around the neighbourhood when I go for my walks. In my area kids and adults if they find them are meant to take a photo of where they are found and stash them for someone... Continue Reading →

Recycle, reuse, repurpose

While getting things out of my cupboard to start a day of cooking I realised how much I have that is reused repurposed and recycled. I’d like to share a few and please not it really is just a few things. I didn’t have the time to pull everything out and didn’t think you would... Continue Reading →


A box of books full of our past... out comes an algebra book I have had for too many years to remember... do I get rid of it as expected ? No I dont I am going to use it to keep my brain active. I loved algebra and I cant think of a better... Continue Reading →

The hypocrisy of it

Recently we have had a few terrorist attacks that have killed a few Australians.. tragic and heart wrenching for everyone concerned. At a footy game they had a minutes silence...you would have thought for the four most recent victims but no it was for only two of them...forgotten two being a young girl blown up... Continue Reading →

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