For fun

Its Saturday a day to enjoy so what have I done? lol I have painted rocks. I will drop them around the neighbourhood when I go for my walks. In my area kids and adults if they find them are meant to take a photo of where they are found and stash them for someone... Continue Reading →

Recycle, reuse, repurpose

While getting things out of my cupboard to start a day of cooking I realised how much I have that is reused repurposed and recycled. I’d like to share a few and please not it really is just a few things. I didn’t have the time to pull everything out and didn’t think you would... Continue Reading →


A box of books full of our past... out comes an algebra book I have had for too many years to remember... do I get rid of it as expected ? No I dont I am going to use it to keep my brain active. I loved algebra and I cant think of a better... Continue Reading →

The hypocrisy of it

Recently we have had a few terrorist attacks that have killed a few Australians.. tragic and heart wrenching for everyone concerned. At a footy game they had a minutes would have thought for the four most recent victims but no it was for only two of them...forgotten two being a young girl blown up... Continue Reading →

Woolworth Marvel Hero discs

Now because we shop at Woolworth we have collected a few of these discs. Actually we have quite a few of them. This is not an issue as we have numerous grand-kids to give them to. Today we popped a few into an envelope and I realised we were getting our Grand-kids into gambling at... Continue Reading →

Money saving tips for the bored

Anyone who doesn't want to be bored with money saving tips just do not read any further.... I hate reading through a list of money saving tips but I have to say I have found some that have proven extremely helpful over the year. The other day I was visiting my son... lovable creature a... Continue Reading →

when on the bus

Do not and I repeat this, DO NOT suggest getting off the bus early and walking home and should your Hubby agree with you SLAP HIM SENSELESS GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went to the fruit and veg markets near our new home. They are only on Saturday mornings. We got up early, caught the bus and went... Continue Reading →

Noisy neighbours

Ok we have all had them so how did you deal with them... I have yelled, I have banged on the wall and I have considered strangling the fool but still the noise continues. This morning it had gotten to the point of ridiculous...the noise went late into the night so when morning finally came... Continue Reading →

War on waste

I try to re-purpose items all the time. I reuse, recycle and re-purpose as much as I am able to do. Take Hubby's socks... I darn and save them. When they are beyond darning I re-purpose them. I have used some for cleaning rags. I have one that is to the point where I cut it... Continue Reading →

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